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fitnathemovie.jpg 'Fitna' released early this month has sparked the anger of Muslims around the world. The film, by Dutch-right winger Mr. Geert Wilders has been rumored to be released early this year with members of the Dutch government warning him not do so. Inspite of it, he had promised it to be too shocking, too frightening, too disturbing and much of the world was holding its breath in morbid, anxious, waiting for its release. So far, the reactions of Muslims, are highly predictable and expected. Protests, rallies, death threats and boycott calls has been called from every major Muslim country. Complete with each country announcing its own religious decree (fatwa) and mode of response.

Recently, however, the subject of boycott has been of major debate. Its easy to instill boycott for Denmark on the justification that its government support the publication of the Prophet's saw caricature . Its also a no-brainer to boycott Israel as they are an illegal country oppressing human beings. It was even easy in 1948 to boycott South Africa for Apartheid. But the question of boycotting the Netherlands involves considering the fact that the Dutch government never supported Wilders's action, he, on his own accord published it online. Therefore, should we punish the country for one man's rash action? The fact that 1 in 16 Dutch are Muslims. Therefore, will not the boycott also affect them? But then, how can we sit still? We love Islam and we want to protect it. They cannot simply abuse Islam whenever they feel like it. Needless to say, the arguments I've come upon are endless. Each standpoint strongly upholding their angle but at the same time allowing freedom of choice amongst the public. Of all the standpoints, there is one that I agree with but was not satisfied with. The main thing not answered is Why? and, hence, What can we do?